Frequently Asked Questions

Bring all medical records, lab results, and questions that you might have with you. If you have had previous fertility treatments, or relevant medical procedures, please bring both records and contact information for the medical professionals that may have participated in your care.

Although it is not compulsory, we can’t recommend highly enough that both partners are a part of the initial consultation.

Our schedule is often quite busy. However, we are usually able to get patients scheduled for their first consultation within a couple weeks of their first call.

Yes, you can meet a financial consultant and discuss the treatment costs.

The short answer is yes. The longer answer is that not very many insurance providers offer benefits related to fertility treatments. When you schedule your initial appointment and we collect your insurance information we will be better able to advise you on what may or may not be covered and what your out-of-pocket investment might be.

All forms will be available when you arrive, however, it is a faster and easier process to complete your forms, which are available online, ahead of time. Download Forms

Diagnosis and treatment plans are different for every patient, but you may get an estimated timeline for treatment during the initial consultation. Since there are different kinds of tests that may need to be conducted during different stages in your cycle, it may depend on when in your cycle you come to initially see us. Once all tests have been completed, we will be able to present you with your diagnosis and recommended treatment plan.

Yes. We have patients who fly in from all over the world to be treated by us. Let us know if you need any recommendations for either lodging or transportation services and we will be happy to provide some recommendations.

Costs vary depending on the number and type of treatment. We are happy to answer all your questions related to costs and help you work out a solution to help you achieve your goals. Please take a moment to visit our Financial Resources section for more details.

Probably not. Even when dealing with male fertility issues, we need the female partner for the IVF treatment process with intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) or intrauterine insemination (IUI). Regardless of cause, fertility treatments generally require the participation of both partners.

There are several tests that can be completed during the initial consultation with our doctor to give us a better understanding of the obstacles to your fertility. You can visit our First Visit Tests to learn more about the tests that may be recommended.

After we do a complete assessment we start treatment in one cycle—around 1 month. Sometimes, the assessment itself helps you to conceive as we try to create the perfect situation for conception.

This can vary widely depending upon the cause and complexity of the issues. Some patients are able to get pregnant within just a few months, while it may take 6 months or longer for other patients.

Ideally, IVF is successful during the first attempt or cycle. However, the rule of thumb is to expect 3 cycles to really maximize your chances of getting pregnant.

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