Meet The Team: Heather Regan

Heather Regan is the Office Manager at Arizona Center for Reproductive Endocrinology & Infertility. She’s been with the team for over seven years and is an integral part of keeping the patients happy and comfortable. Heather has held different roles at AZ REI, and finds her role in patient support to be rewarding and inspiring. She’s dedicated to helping patients and cheers them on as she gets to watch them grow their families.

Heather is one of the first points of contact for patients interested in using the services at AZ REI. She sets your first appointment and is your go-to for questions about billing or certain procedures. If patients decide to do IVF, Heather guides them through the next steps in the process. Suffice to say, Heather is a huge part of the work done at the clinic, and often becomes patients’ cheerleader as they move forward through the process. “For a lot of [patients], they’ve been trying for so long that when we’re able to help them, it’s so rewarding. Every patient is different, […], so when they get to AZ REI, we want them to feel at peace and know that they’re going to be helped; that’s our main goal, to help as much as we can until they get that baby at the end.”

Heather often stays in contact with patients even after their time at AZ REI has come to an end. She has gotten to see the babies of AZ REI, affectionately referred to as “Gelety babies”, grow up to become toddlers and children. “I do get close to a lot of our patients. One friend had triplets with us, and they’re in second grade now! Even helping patients with the seemingly small things, like tracking ovulation, is huge for us.”

 The relationship developed between staff and patient is something that sets AZREI apart from other clinics. The staff is there for you from the first phone call and stays with you even after your baby has made its way into your family. One of Heather’s favorite things about AZ REI is that every time a patient comes into the clinic, they get to see Dr. Gelety. “With other clinics, you don’t see the doctor until the procedure; there’s no personal doctor/patient relationship. A lot of our patients don’t realize how personable you get to be with Dr. Gelety. You don’t go through three months of treatment and finally see him on the day of retrieval; there are no strangers here in the clinic.”

While the staff at AZ REI is there to see you succeed, Heather is aware of how hard this process can be on patients. “Sometimes patients have lost hope. I’ll get emails that say, ‘We’ve been trying for years’ or ‘We’ve had so many miscarriages…is there any hope?’. And that’s what Dr. Gelety tries to give them.” The philosophy of the staff at AZ REI is, “Whatever we can, do, we’ll do” according to Heather. This is shown in the lack of increase in their prices; they’ve been the same for about 20 years. While medication prices have increased, Dr. Gelety’s service prices haven’t. 

Heather has also been inspired by the work at the clinic on a personal level. She decided to become a surrogate herself. “When I saw other surrogates here, who have relationships with the parents who have already gone through so much, it made me want to do it.  In my reflection of the patients here, I wanted to help just one couple…there are so many options available, so to be able to be one of those options is just so amazing.” They offer surrogate planning at the clinic, and they help monitor other surrogates as well as third-party surrogacy agencies. 

To find out more information, or get started with your journey at AZ REI, visit us today online or give us a call at 520-326-0001.