Meet the Team: Heather Regan

At Arizona Center for Reproductive Endocrinology & Infertility, we have an incredibly caring team—every aspect of your journey with us it met with a smiling face and shoulder to lean on, should you need it. Heather Regan is one of the amazing people you’ll meet when you visit us.  

Heather has been with us for more than six years and is truly dedicated to helping our patients start and grow their families. In fact, she just completed a surrogacy for a couple struggling to get pregnant, by giving birth to a baby boy in June. “Just seeing all of our patients come in here and trying so hardI was like, If I can just help one couple make their dream come true,” she says. “So, that is what I did. 

Working with Patients Hand in Hand 

Helping make those dreams come true for patients is one of the reasons Heather loves working at AZCREI; she says her favorite part of the job is “working hand in hand with the patients. 

“Going through infertility is overwhelming in itself for patients, especially because they’ve been trying for so long, and already have so many emotionstime, and money invested,” Heather says. “That’s why it’s so important and so rewarding [to build relationships with our patients] and why we make sure that we’re always in contact with our patients. 

 Our goal here at AZCREI is to provide support to our patients in every way possible; oftentimes, it’s emotional support, and other times it’s helping them find financial support. And that’s another area where Heather makes an impact on our patients’ journeys. 

After your new-patient consultation with Dr. Gelety, you’ll meet Heather to go over pricing and insurance coverage—which she admits, is usually not the “fun” part of the process. However, she does use this opportunity to submit insurance information and work with you to make the financial aspects of infertility treatment as manageable as possible. This includes researching and sharing the cheapest medication options and working with our team to eliminate many out-of-pocket costs. 

When Heather first started working at AZCREI, she was a student at Carrington College finishing her externship in medical billing and coding. She ended up becoming a permanent member of our team and has since worked at our reception desk, helped in the lab, and is now in charge of medical billing and coding and also helps with setting up our donor programs and IVF procedures. You’ll find that Heather truly is an integral part in keeping our office running and keeping our patients happy. 

Changing the Way Patients Feel About Infertility 

One of the ways our team supports our patients is helping them feel confident in their decision about seeking treatment. When patients first visit our office, they often feel apprehensive and even a little defeated, then they’re overwhelmed by all the new information about treatment options and processes. 

It’s a roller coaster of emotions,” Heather says. “You have your highs and lows with every patient.” 

Some patients even come to us under the weight of the stigma against assisted reproduction. As a recent surrogate, fighting this stigma is something close to Heather’s heart. 

“When I consult with IVF patients and with donor patients, they’re understandably emotional. They tell me, ‘I want to be able to get pregnant on my own, or I want to use my own eggs,’ Heather says. “And of course, I feel for them, but I just want them to know that these options are available and they’re so amazing. 


To hear more about all the amazing options available to you, schedule an appointment by contacting us online or calling 520-326-0001. Heather, Dr. Gelety, and the rest of our team are here to support youwalk hand in hand with you, and we can’t wait to help you have a healthy, happy baby.  


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