Sperm Donation Coordination

Let us help you facilitate this important step.

We’re not a sperm bank, but we still want to help!

Although we cannot help with a sperm donation directly, we have many reliable and trusted partners to refer. If you are considering an IVF or IUI with donated sperm, we recommend that you keep reading this page and subscribe to our newsletter to get valuable information about our clinic’s approach to IVF and IUI procedures.

Who is sperm donation for?

We often find that the most common people searching for sperm donations are females or couples with no male counterpart, or a male and female relationship struggling with male-factor infertility. 

Whatever your reasons are, if you’re a loving person aspiring to be a parent that happens to be facing a fertility obstacle, we want to help you know the joy of raising a child.

How to choose a donor

At Arizona Center for Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility we only order from agencies that employ a stringent screening process for sperm donors. Of the considerable number of donors who sign up for a sperm donation program with an outside agency, only 1% of sperm donations make it to a sperm bank. So you can come to us with confidence, knowing that it’s safe and easy to use our recommended partners to conceive with ordered sperm.

Watch the video to get the full checklist on what to look for in a sperm donation.

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