Meet the Team: Kayla Vidal

As the lead medical assistant here at Arizona Center for Reproductive Endocrinology & Infertility, Kayla Vidal gets to walk with patients through every step of the infertility process. We call her Dr. Gelety’s right hand; she helps him with everything patients need while they’re seeking infertility treatments at our center.


Some days Kayla searches for the cheapest medication for patients and educates them on how to use it properly. Other days she may be aiding Dr. Gelety with procedures. There’s no typical or routine day in the office, but you can always find Kayla supporting our doctor, the rest of the team, and most importantly, our patients. She works closely with patients to make sure they’re comfortable during every step of the process, and in doing so, she builds special relationships and trust, which eases any concerns or questions they have. Here’s a little bit more on how she got her start at AZCREI and what she loves most about her job.


Finding Her Future at AZCREI


Kayla began working at AZCREI over two years ago. She always knew she wanted to work in the medical field, either with a gynecologist or somewhere that specialized in infertility, and when the externship she needed for school brought her to our clinic—that’s when she really fell in love with the field.


“I ended up doing my externship here, learning more about infertility,” Kayla says. “And that’s when I decided that I wanted to stay here and keep helping patients.”


Kayla is a certified medical assistant, but she says much of her education comes from the day-to-day duties she has on the job. Dr. Gelety and the rest of the “veterans” on our team took her under their wing and helped her find her future in working with patients who struggle with infertility.


Building Personal Relationships & Walking with You Through the Process


If there’s one thing Kayla has learned while working at AZCREI, it’s how difficult infertility is on patients’ emotions. She says a large part of what she does here is provide emotional support to each patient as they go through the treatment process. There’s a unique opportunity to establish relationships with patients since they typically visit the office once or twice a week for the few months while they’re being treated. Seeing them so frequently and being their emotional support helps them connect with patients on a deeper level.


“All of us here at the clinic have either been through it, or we’ve had someone very close to us go through it,” Kayla says. “So we really know what the patients are going through.”


Because the infertility process is so difficult, patients will often open up to Kayla and the rest of our team about problems that they’re having and what they’re going through emotionally. Sometimes she offers advice, but quite often, she’s there to listen.


The Greatest Reward of Working at AZCREI


Building relationships and seeing the joy a couple has once they become pregnant is the greatest reward for Kayla. When a couple comes back into AZCREI with their baby or when they send in photos of their newborn, it brings joy not just to her, but everyone in the office.


Helping patients overcome obstacles gives Kayla the opportunity to become close with them. She says that seeing them leave the office pregnant, after everything they went through together, is the best part of her job.


“Not only did we go through such a hard time with them, and have them here sitting and crying and telling us everything,” she shares. “But later they come in and they bring the baby, and it’s just amazing to be able to see what we helped them with and how happy they are with their baby now.”



No matter what infertility difficulties you may be facing, Kayla and the rest of our team at AZCREI are here to help you and walk with you through the process. Our only goal is to help you have a healthy, happy baby. For more information or to schedule an appointment, visit us online or call 520-326-0001.



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