PGS For Chromosomes

Preimplantation Genetic Screening (PGS) for Chromosomes

PGS for chromosomes analyzes the chromosomal structure of an embryo in order to identify specific abnormalities that could cause a miscarriage or result in your child being born with any number of conditions. This may be done as a part of the IVF process and is also known as IVF-PGS.

Although the initial technology and techniques used in IVF-PGS doesn’t boost the conception rate for the IVF treatment process, modern technology has made the PGS-IVF process a very viable infertility solution to maximize the likelihood of having a healthy child. The Arizona Center for Reproductive Endocrinology & Infertility leverages state-of-the-art technology to help couples make the most of this remarkably effective procedure.

How it Works

Initial Stages

The preliminary stages of IVF-PGS are the same as that of any IVF treatment process. The eggs are ripened before being retrieved, the eggs are fertilized after retrieval, and the ensuing embryos are grown. Next, the embryos are frozen. A biopsy is completed to identify any chromosomal abnormalities and the normal embryos are then transferred to the mother in a frozen embryo cycle.


The biopsy is usually performed on the 5th day after fertilization. Our embryologist uses comparative genomic hybridization (CGH) to screen the embryos. This method magnifies the DNA and involves thousands of probes for ensuring all 23 pairs of chromosomes are tested. By keeping the nucleus intact during the procedure, we ensure that the biopsy is completely accurate.


The Arizona Center for Reproductive Endocrinology & Infertility always utilizes the latest techniques and technology to maximize your chances of safely conceiving and delivering healthy children. The CGH results are available in 24-48 hours after testing. Our IVF-PGS procedure maximizes the chances of you giving birth to a baby free from known chromosomal abnormalities (with single embryo transfer), while minimizing chances of conceiving twins.

Why Choose Us

The Arizona Center for Reproductive Endocrinology & Infertility’s preimplantation genetic screening for chromosomes is a remarkable solution for numerous clinical indications. We help you make the most of the benefits of PGS.

  • Here are the key factors in our PGS IVF treatment process:
  • State-of-the-art technology with 5th day biopsy technique
  • Ability to analyze all chromosomes via comparative genomic hybridization (CGH)
  • Significantly improved freezing techniques through vitrification
  • Minimized chance of twins

At the Arizona Center for Reproductive Endocrinology & Infertility we understand where our patients are coming from. We always complement our use of modern technology with personal attention.

PGS for chromosomes has come a long way, and we use it to help you safely, successfully, and comfortably conceive and give birth to a healthy child.

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