The 5 Things You Should Always Get to Choose About Your Egg Donor

When it comes to infertility treatments, many patients feel there is so much beyond their control. At the Arizona Center for Reproductive Endocrinology & Infertility, we give our patients as many options as possible and put them in control of their treatment plan and process.

Not every couple will need egg donation to achieve pregnancy, but those who may need an egg donor have complete control over the process and decision. With our years of experience, we’re able to guide our patients to the best decision, but ultimately there are several important factors they get to choose.


The One Thing Patients Don’t Have to Worry About

While there are many characteristics couples get to choose about their egg donor, they never have to worry about their health and suitability to donate. It’s important for patients to realize every donor is carefully screened before they are allowed to donate an egg.

When donors come through our program, we actually screen three generations of their family to make sure there aren’t any medical or psychological issues that may affect the donor’s ability to complete the pregnancy. Specifically, the genetics of the donor are checked to ensure there are no potentially inherited diseases that might be passed on or be harmful to the baby.

While we keep our egg donors anonymous, we provide our patients with all the information they would need to make an informed decision. Because we work so closely with our donors, we can confidently answer all of our patients’ questions about the donor, including what characteristics they should consider.

Here are five of the most important things patients do get to choose about their egg donor and the process.

  1. Hair Color
  2. Eye Color
  3. Weight
  4. Ethnic Background

It’s typically easy for most women to find a donor with an appearance very similar to theirs. In the rare case where we can’t find a cosmetic match, we can expand our search to donors from other parts of the country. And in the end, the match is usually so close that it is very difficult, if not impossible, to determine that a donor was even used.

Of course, patients also have the option to use a family member, such as a sister or cousin. With this route, the likelihood that the baby will look like the patient is very high since the genetics stay within the family, and are the same as (or very similar) to the patient’s. When a family member has been selected, they must go through the same meticulous screening process as our anonymous donors; we always make sure that they themselves are healthy and that their eggs will produce a healthy pregnancy.

  1. The Doctor and Center You Work With

Finally, you get to choose the fertility center and doctor to guide you through the process of choosing an egg donor. At AZCREI, we offer an unrivaled personalized service that helps our patients find their best match.

We have our own donor registry that we work closely with, so our patients can not only feel confident we working with them throughout the whole process, but we’re also caring for the donor the entire time as well. As we’re choosing donors, we’re looking for healthy women who will best be able to provide the desired outcome—a healthy, happy baby.

Since our center works directly with local donors, the cost is dramatically decreased. Our patients don’t have to pay third-party prices, but because we are so vigilant and careful with testing and choosing donors, quality is never an issue.

To make an appointment and learn about your options when it comes to egg donation, visit AZCREI online or call us at 520-326-0001.

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