What to Expect During Your First Fertility Consultation

For anyone, the first fertility consultation can be charged with a range of emotions from apprehension to excitement, and nervousness. Trying to conceive can be as exhausting and stressful as it can be wonderful and joyful. If you’re considering seeing a fertility specialist or if you have already made the appointment, having an understanding of what you can expect before you arrive can be a big help. We’ll walk through the process so that you can feel more at ease before your first fertility consultation. 

Setting an Appointment

If you’re thinking about fertility treatment and want to make an appointment, call us at 520-326-0001. We are happy to discuss your individual situation at length and help you discover the most suitable solution that meets your specific needs. 

You can typically expect to book an appointment for the first fertility consultation a few weeks from the date you’ve called. Our schedule is often quite busy, but we do our best to work with you to set up a time that’s convenient for you. 

Initial Consultation

To get ready for your visit, remember to bring any necessary insurance information. You’ll spend the first 15 minutes or so of your first visit filling out insurance information. This process may seem tedious but it is our goal to ensure that you have the most coverage possible for our time together. Often, insurance covers the initial diagnosis and treatment for the underlying causes of infertility.

We may also conduct a few tests that will help us determine the underlying reasons surrounding your difficulties getting pregnant. These will help us set the foundation of your infertility treatment. The testing process is completed within one menstrual cycle, after which we can use those test results to discuss the most effective treatment options with you. 


After the diagnosis has been made and we’ve worked with you to create a treatment plan, treatment typically begins in about a month, or one menstrual cycle. The duration of treatment varies from person to person. Regardless of how long it takes, we will be there to guide you every step of the way, to answer any questions, and address any concerns that may pop up along the way. 

At Arizona Center for Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility, we have helped countless couples experience the unique joys that parenthood can bring and are proud that we’ve been able to help so many on their journey to raising a child of their own. Our fertility specialists are dedicated to helping each patient understand the options available to them so we can create a plan tailored to their unique situation. We believe that everyone deserves to start the family they have always dreamed of. Learn how we can help you. 


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